Monday Make-up

For the third time this season, a day off on a Monday for the Phillies has become a game day.  Tonight’s game is the result of a September 5 postponement.

Hopefully, the Phillies will fare better than the two previous Monday make-ups, an 8-7 loss at Boston on June 26 and an 8-3 loss to the Mets at Shea Stadium on August 28.

The Astros had an ESPN Sunday night game in Houston and then flew to Philly, landing around 4:00 a.m.  After the game, they fly to Pittsburgh for a three-game series starting tomorrow night.

Over the last three years, the Astros and Phillies share the best record in the majors for September-October, 53-28.

The Phillies, who have the best NL record since July 26 (38-20), have caught Chris Coste, Carlos Ruiz, Coste and Mike Lieberthal (Wednesday) over the past four games.  Combined, they have 7 RBI.  Liieberthal is hitting .383 with 16 RBI in his last 18 games.

Tonight, “Lieby” is behind the plate:

Jimmy Rollins, ss
Shane Victorino, cf
Chase Utley, 2b
Ryan Howard, 1b
David Dellucci, rf
Pat Burrell, lf
Mike Lieberthal, c
Abraham Nunez, 3b
Randy Wolf, p

After the game, it’s “All Aboard” for the Phillies, riding an AMTRAK charter train to Washington, DC, and the start of a six-game road trip, the final one of the regular season.

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