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Q–I am concerned that there has only been on true doubleheader this year at the Park.  All the other rainouts have been made up as day/night doubleheaders.


Tropical Storm Ernesto really created some challenges when Atlanta was at Citizens Bank Park at the start of this month.

There are several factors in the rescheduling of postponed games, whether the game is made up as part of a split (day-night) doubleheader, a traditional doubleheader (twi-night or day) or an open date in the schedule.

The Phillies’ future schedule, the visiting team’s schedule and travel plans and future weather forecasts are factors that are involved.

Another factor involves seat locations.  When a large number of tickets have been sold, it is impossible to provide the same locations if the game is rescheduled as a traditional doubleheader.  By rescheduling the game as part of a split doubleheader, fans have the option of having the same seat locations. 

If fans that have tickets for the rained out game can’t make it on the new date, we are more than willing to work with them on other arrangements.

Since we’ve opened Citizens Bank Park, we have had split doubleheaders, twi-night and traditional Sunday doubleheaders.  We probably will follow the same pattern in the future.

Q–I think it is terrible that the Phillies are ending their relationship with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons.


The Phillies are very proud that we played a role in bringing professional baseball back to the Scranton area in 1989.  We have had a great relationship in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre throughout the years with the ownership of the Red Barons and the fans.

The opportunity to move our triple-A ball club closer to Philadelphia and into a new state-of-the-art facility that has a grass playing surface.  It was something we had to consider very strongly in making the decision not to renew our working agreement with the Red Barons.

We very much appreciate all the fan support we have received from Northeast Pennsylvania and look forward to the same in the Lehigh Valley.

Q—What about the comment on Yahoo Monday the 4th.  Hoping Ryan Howard is clean but not being sure?  Any comments on this?


I think Ryan has answered that question well on this site in Ken Mandel’s September 5 story: “We have tests.  People take the tests.  Either you pass or fail.  If you fail, you get busted.  If you don’t fail, you’re not doing it.”

All I can say is Ryan Howard has been crushing home runs all the way back to his high school days.  It doesn’t matter, left field, center field or right field. 

Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote a column on August 28 about a legendary home run Howard hit back home in suburban St. Louis.  The ball hit a Red Lobster restaurant on the fly.  Ryan was 12 years of age at the time.

And, for those critics who say he’s playing half his games in a hitter-friendly ballpark (Citizens Bank Park), consider this:  the Phillies record for most home runs at home is 29 by Mike Schmidt in 1979; the record for most on the road is also 29 by Chuck Klein in 1932.  One more on the road and one more at home and Ryan ties two more records.

We should be celebrating Ryan’s performance.  As Jim Salisbury wrote in the Inquirer on Saturday,  “Howard has evolved into one of the best sports stories in Philadelphia in some time.”

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I’m looking forward to seeing AAA baseball in Allentown in 2008 and following the team regularly. Hopefully Allentown’s stadium will have some of the family-friendly attributes that FirstEnergy Stadium has in Reading… making for a fun baseball experience.

Richard in Allentown

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