Parity, please


The Phillies player moves–from designating C Sal Fasano for assignment to trade deadline deals– have been called a purge or salary dumpings. 

Yesterday’s USA TODAY had an article about the Giants who have eight potential free agents.  They could shed $58 million in payroll, according to the article.  Notice the word shed, not salary dumpings.

As Pat Gillick said, this group hasn’t won and it was time to change the mix.  One expensive long-term contract and five potential free agents (Fasano, David Bell, Cory Lidle, Rheal Cormier and Ryan Franklin) were involved in Phillies transactions.  For most of the free agents, the Phillies would have received no compensation this winter.   Eight more potential free agents are on the current roster, Dave Dellucci, Mike Lieberthal, Randy Wolf, Rick White, Aaron Fultz and Arthur Rhodes.

When Gillick arrived last November, he inherited a roster that included three multi-year contracts complete with no-trade clauses.  Jim Thome and Bobby Abreu have been moved, giving the Phillies are lot more flexibility, roster-wise and financially.

The deals triggered the word “rebuilding”, especially when Pat said it may take longer than next year to produce a winner.  The next day, he made it clear that rebuilding isn’t the proper terminology.

Rebuilding means completely tearing apart.  That isn’t the case because there are still a lot of good players on the club.   Three-fourths of the infield, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, are All-Stars, all around 27 years of age, meaning their best years are ahead.


The deals are providing more playing time for Dellucci and Shane Victorino (Abreu), Abraham Nunez (Bell), Chris Coste (Fasano), Scott Mathieson (Lidle), Brian Sanches (Franklin) and at some point, LH reliever Matt Smith (Cormier). 

The deals also brought some very young prospects and that is important to the overall picture. Dallas Green just returned from four days in Clearwater where he saw the Class A Threshers and the Gulf Coast League kids.  He saw 20-year-old RHP Carlos Monasterios, one of the four players acquired for Abreu.  “He’s got a good arm.  I really liked what I saw,” said Green.

The future isn’t bleak.  As Pat said, a lot will depend upon the maturity of the young arms like Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Mathieson and the return of Wolf.  Ryan Madson still has potential as a starter but has shown effectiveness in the bullpen. 

Parity is a word coined by the National Football League to describe balance.  The Phillies are still in the wild card race, which has been described as the “weak National League wild card race.”  Make that parity, please.


Hey Larry, about the flexibility of payroll–how does the team plan to use that money? I hear payroll will be cut to around mid 70’s next year, or around 20 mill less than what payroll was to start this season. Its great to create payroll room, but what do we the fans gain by your bosses pocketing this $$. I dont want to hear any excuses either. Bottom line is this: The Phillies should re-use that $$ saved to help fill the tons of holes the team still has. I am confident the Phillies will do the wrong thing here and cut payroll. Your team always has a knack for doing the wrong thing by the fans.

The Phillies are my new favorite team now that they have acquired a true professional, Jamie Moyer. He and his family will be one of the finest additions the people of Philadelphia will ever get. Poor Jamie was runless in Seattle and is still one **** of a pitcher. He will give the NL batters fits trying to adjust to his off-speed stuff. I am sad as a Mariners fan, but am excited for the Phils and Jamie. GO PHILLIES!

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