Rowand Set to Return

Aaron_1“I’m not much of a climber, more of a bulldozer,” said Aaron Rowand when he met the Philadelphia media last November following the trade with the White Sox. 

Making a catch, running into a metal fence, breaking your nose and other facial bones and getting stitches I suppose can be called the work of a bulldozer.

On Friday afternoon, he and Mike Lieberthal will hit in a simulated game at Citizens Bank Park.  Barring a setback, Rowand will be back in the lineup for the first time since May 11 on Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park.  Lieby may also be activated this weekend.

While on the DL, Rowand met with the media and did numerous radio and TV shows.  He became a folk hero.  His response to a media conference question about sacrificing his body for a catch got huge play:  “For who?  My teammates.  For what?  To win.”

If merchandise sales are any indication, it will be buzzing on Saturday night.  The Phillies were home last weekend for the first time since “The Catch” for three games with the Red Sox.  Through the first 24 games of the season, Rowand’s name and number t-shirts sold on average 12 per game. 

Last weekend, sales averaged 76 per game, an increase of over 500%.

Shane Victorino has certainly done an outstanding job filling in for Rowand.  Shane gives the Phillies four quality outfielders.  Getting Aaron and Lieby back will be a big boost.

What kind of reception will Rowand receive?   


Sox, of the Chicago kind, just wants to welcome Aaron back. My daughter and I have been watching for his return and even though we don’t catch many Phils games, we do looks for highlights of them to see if we can find Aaron. Hope you guys enjoy him as much as we did/do. She still wears her Rowand tee shirt purchased just last year!

So glad to see him back – he’s so important to the team. He is a born outfielder. Just watching him judge fly balls is fun.

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