Fans abuzz over Rowand's catch

People are still talking about Aaron Rowand’s spectacular catch last Thursday….grocery stores, in church yesterday, McDonald’s and malls but probably not in movies or libraries.   Talk in a movie or library and the whole world glares you down.

It must have been replayed 1,000 times on television. 

Today, Aaron came to Citizens Bank Park to face the media which had been eager to interview him.  The turnout was huge and aired live on Comcast SportsNet and Channel 3 starting at 12 noon.  Inside Edition also taped a segment. You can read about the press conference on this website and also get a glimpse of the damage (“I have a face for radio,” he joked).

Broken nose, 15 stitches under his left eye, stitches under his upper lip and non-displaced fractures around his left eye was the damage.  Fortunately, his eyesight wasn’t affected.  That is the real blessing.

People are also talking about the catch online right here, through e-mails and message boards.  So far, no snail mail.

Thanks to the White Sox fans who took the time to comment.  He obviously was a very popular player in the Windy City.  I let him know you still love him.

His popularity in Philadelphia soared because he gave up his body to make a play.  “That’s the way I play,” he said.  “People may say I’m stupid, but I go all out to win.  I know my teammates, especially Gavin, were very appreciative.

“I want to thank the fans for their well wishes,” he added.  “Thank you (media) too for not hounding me when I left the hospital on Friday.  I may not look good but I was worse than what you see today,” he smiled.

Aaron said his cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing, over 100 messages.  “Xavier Nady (the hitter) left a message, which was nice of him.  I thought he would complain about losing three RBI,” Aaron continued.

One point I would like to correct.  It was mentioned that Aaron let the Phillies know about this situation last November.  That is incorrect.  We made an announcement following Thursday’s game that Aaron let us know early in the season.  Someone obviously misunderstood.

Custom made pads had to be ordered which meant it would require some lead time before they could be shipped.  They arrived during the last homestand.  Installation began Friday and was finished early today.

When will he return? “I expect to be playing again when the 15 days are up,” he said.

Will he be wearing some sort of face protection? “No, the doctor said if I break my nose again they’ll fix it again.”


Another White Sox fan here. As much as we are enjoying Thome, we still miss Aaron. Just a classy guy and was great to the fans here-especially the young ones. Wasn’t surprised by gutsy play and believe me he will do it again. He was miked for a game here in Chicago last year and hit the wall, he sat down and goes “Aw man that really hurt” and got up and kept playing. Just a great all around player. Glad to hear he is recovering well. I’ll be in DC at a Nationals game when they play the Phillies in June hoping Aaron is back by then!

It’s Rowandmania!

We still love Aaron here in Chicago and miss him terribly. He always gives 110% on every play.

Aaron.. we miss you and are looking forward to hopefully seeing you back on the field. The night of the infamous ‘crash into the wall’ the kids and I were watching espn, all I caught scrolling at the bottom was ‘philadelpha outfielder left with broken nose’ and I looked at the kids, one of whom adores you and wears her Rowand Sox jersey faithfully still, and I said, ‘oh man, that has GOT to be Aaron’ You are truly truly missed in ChiTown. GO BEARS!!!

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