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With an assist from Mother Nature, the Phillies finished a 7-1 homestand with a 2-0, win over the Mets in a game called after four and one-innings because of rain.

Gavin Floyd picked up the win and Chase Utley homered but the the star of the game was center fielder Aaron Rowand.

AaronRowand made a spectacular catch in the first inning. With the bases loaded and two outs, Xavier Nady sent a fly ball that looked as if it may go out.  Rowan raced back and caught the ball as he crashed face-first into the top railing of the 6-foot high fence.  He fell to the ground, held up his glove to show he caught the ball, rolled over and remained on ground face down.

He eventually walked off the field on his own power, holding a towel over a bloody nose.  As he exited the field through the right field gate, he received a standing ovation.

X-rays at the ballpark revealed a broken nose and lacerations that required sutures at Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.  He was admitted to the hospital and will have his nose repaired tomorrow.

“He won the game right there,” said Charlie Manuel after the game.  “For determination, that may the greatest catch I’ve seen and I’ve seen some good ones.”

For the next 53 days, the Phillies will basically be living out of their suitcases as they play 18 games at friendly Citizens Bank Park and 29 in unfriendly waters.  The schedule this year is quirky.  During the first 34 games, 23 were at home.  Next month, the Phillies are only home nine days all month.  Between June 1 and July 2, the Phillies have just one weekend at home, those Devil Rays from Tampa.

Fan support during the completed homestand was electric, resembling the atmosphere of a playoff game.  Don’t think the Phillies didn’t feel it.  Electricity will return when the Red Sox come to town for the May 19 weekend.  What is needed is electricity for the Milwaukee and Washington series at the end of this month.

A limited number of tickets are available for the Red Sox and again next month for the Yankees.  Good seats for the 12 games against the Brewers, Nationals, Mets or Devil Rays can be had.  Simply put, there aren’t many times to back the Phils at home through July 3 but good seats are available.

During interleague games in Boston, New York and Baltimore, Phillies’ fans seem to pack those parks.  It is wild to hear cheers for the Phillies in Fenway Park.  Friday night in Cincinnati, Phillies fans from that area get to see Cole (Slaw) Hamels make his major league debut.  Slaw?  Chris Berman made we write that.  Forgive me, Cole.


I just want to give it up to Aaron Rowand he is a spectactular player, I’m sad to hear that he was hurt in tonights game but he’ll come back even stronger. Philly embrace him he is truly a blue collar worker in a Phillies uniform he’ll break his back for you all. We all miss him back here in Chicago.

Just a White Sox fan sending well wishes for your new center fielder. As glimbo08 said, we really miss Aaron in Chicago. I hope he is better soon!

Rowand’s catch was clutch and its unfortunate he busted his nose, the other Phillies should learn to play like their heads are on fire and good things will happen.

Rowand’s catch AMAZING!
Phillies waiting until May to add padding to a wall that Rowand pointed out in November DISGRACEFUL. You can move the entire Left field wall in a couple weeks but could not find time to add padding? Another black eye for the Phillies’ powers that be (to go along with the 2 Rowand is going to have)

As I watched the Rowand clip on the news (in Chicago) this morning, I winced and thought that perhaps we should start a “Save Aaron” fund with proceeds going toward installation of a padded wall. Please take care of that boy! With all due respect to our current center fielder, we miss Rowand.

I had Rowand on my roto team last year, and loved to watch him patrol CF for the ChiSox.

Get well soon Aaron.

(boo on the Phillies for not protecting their players better)


Rowand – you are the most dedicated and gutsy CF in baseball.****** that wall for not getting out of your way, it didn’t know who it was messin’ with. Sending a heartfelt wish for a speedy recovery from Chicago – We miss you!!!

As a Phillies fan I just want to say that Rowands catch was not only fantastic, but it showed the spirit and drive that we love. Get better fast, We can’t wait to see you back in the lineup.

Just sending get well wishes to Aaron Rowand for Chicago. Great catch and many more to come once he’s back from the DL. Miss him here in Chicago.

Not only did he fracture his nose he broke bones around his left eye socket.
Which is worse than anticipated.

Hopefully it won’t effect his batting or fielding.

That was one spectacular catch. I must have seen it a hundred times and each time I still had to say WOW! Aaron you’re the kind of player Phils fans love. Can’t wait to see you back in center. Get well soon.

I just wanted to comment on Aaron Rowand’s beautiful catch in Center Field. We haven’t had that kind of heart in Philly since Dykstra. Either one of the other (2) sorry outfielders would have watched that ball bounce off the wall. We should trade Abreau, he flat out stinks. And just one comment from last nights game. What kind of idiot manager would take a guy out who is pitching a (1) hit shut-out?? I don’t care if he had thrown 92 pitches, what kind of stupidity does it take to do something like that???? Victorino sure saved Manuel’s butt last night, but the frown on Hamels face showed it all. He should have gotten the win last night.

I am a White Sox fan and I miss Aaron. I hope that he will be ok. Aaron is a true baseball player and will give everything he has when he is “at work”. Aaron is the only National League player I voted for in the All Star balloting. Get well soon Aaron, because baseball needs players like you. I truly wish you were back in Chicago, but our lost is the Phillies gain. Philly be good to Aaron, because he deserves it.

We waited 88 years for a World Championship in Chicago and Aaron Rowand was the hub that the spokes of the wheel were connected to. Pure blue collar baseball player. I spoke to him at the Cell last year in May and told him the last time the White Sox were in the big show was the year I was born 1959. He autographed my sons glove and my glove. He said they were trying to keep it going. I was very mad he was traded to your lucky Philly team. I only follow the Phillys because of him. I wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. AARON ROWAND IS OLD TIME BASEBALL AND AN ALL STAR OUT FIELDER. Enjoy him Philly, because your team have a good shot at the playoffs if your other players show the heart he has.

The Jeckyll & Hyde season continued for the Phillies ace.
Lieber (5.52 era) was perfect for 6 & 2/3rd innings while raising his record to 3-4 on the season.

Lieber worked 8.2 frames, faced 28 swatters, threw 110 aspirins, allowed no runs on 2 potatos, no free lunches and paralyzed 6.

Flush Gordon (1.62 era) worked 1/3 of a frame, faced 2 swatters, threw 10 aspirins, allowed no runs, on 1 potato, no free lunches and paralyzed 1.

The sticks squeaked out 2 runs on six hits while stranding 11 Phightins on the sacks.

At 21-15, in sole possession of 2nd place in the NL East and 2 Games out, the Phillies on a hoagie roll in May are 9-1 in their last ten games.

Their magic number hovers at 129.

I know Philly fans have a habit of turning on their teams and players, but I’m hoping that is never the case with Aaron Rowand.

You can see by the responses on this board that we Chicagoans loved him, and we miss him. Our replacement CF has been good defensively and obviously Jim Thome has been incredible with the bat, but Rowand was the kind of guy you root for.

Case in point: on the same day as the Rowand injury Frank Thomas, the Sox all-time greatest hitter, got hurt sliding into 3rd base. There really hasn’t been a peep about it amongst Sox fans cuz as great a player as the Big Hurt (how apropos) was, we just couldn’t get behind him the way we could for Aaron.

And don’t worry, just cuz Aaron got hurt doesn’t mean he’ll stop running into walls for your team. Just get the *******’ padding up soon.

Get well soon, Aaron, and hopefully we’ll see you in the World Series. You’ve actually given me a National League team to root for!

We don’t turn on our teams or players that’s a myth we do however eat our young.

Get Out the Brooms Phillies Sweep!
Phillies Smoke 13 Out Of Last 14 Games Like a Cigar.

Phillies 1 game out of 1st Place as Mets Fall to the Suds.

Ryan “Home Run” Howard’s pinch hit sputnik in the eigth frame tied the game and a solo blast in the 12th broke a one-all tie to propel the Phightin’s to their 22nd win of the season and their 1st triple sweep of the Reds since 2002.

It marks the 3rd time Howard’s smacked two boxes of waffles in a game this season. Howard was 2 for 2 coming off the pine.

Shane Victorino’s average stands at .395 after a 2 for 6 performance. The swatters scattered 8 hits and stranded 15 on the sacks in the getaway game.

Brett Myers (2-1, 2.73era) continued to make his case as the staff ace faced 26 swatters, threw 95 aspirins, worked 7 frames, allowed 1 run on 1 sputnik and 3 potatos, issued 2 free lunches, and paralyzed 5.

Rheal Cormier (2-1, 0.00era) continued to baffle the sticks, faced 5 swatters, threw 16 pills, allowed no runs on 1 potato, issued 1 free lunch.

Franklin & Rhodes worked 2.1 frames of scoreless ball while Geoff Geary, recalled from Scranton, notched his first win of the season in 2/3rd’s of an inning of relief.

Flash Gordon (2-1, 1.53era) continued to shine picking up his 13th save of the season faced 4 swatters, threw 12 chiclets, allowed no runs, on one hit.

The Phillies gained a game in the hunt for the NL East as those Milwaukee Brewers downed the Metropolitans 6-5.

Did You Know?

Since gacking to a 1-6 start the Phils have gone 21-9?

I see there are a lot of comments here by White Sox fans. It is a great testament to Aaron Rowand. I want them all to know, however, that there are plenty of Phillies fans who also appreciate a great player like Rowand. He was popular enough even before THE CATCH (as it’s quite properly being called here in Philly). Now, he’s on another level entirely. He has already earned an esteemed place in Philadelphia sports history.
Best wishes to Aaron for a speedy recovery.

Best wishes to Aaron for a speedy recovery. We miss you in Chicago, Aaron!

NOW can they hang up the outfield padding please?

Aaron, you are amazing! I find your play inspirational. I show my son and the boys in the little league team I coach the kind of baseball player they need to emulate. Thanks for being the professional athlete that is now so rare in today’s pro sports. I’m happy to see that the money has not changed your joy and passion for the game, and your humility as a human being. You are definitely THE MAN! Get well, and God bless you.

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