I just hit a home run and trotted around the bases at Veterans Stadium.

Before you call for a psychological investigation, I really did.  Believe me.

You see the location of home plate, the pitcher’s mound and the bases are now permanently marked in Parking Lot U where the Vet once stood.  For you football buffs, the east and west goal posts are also remembered.

White granite markers with a solid bronze inlay are embedded into the macadam parking lot at the exact location where the bases once stood.  The Vet logo that was designed for the final year at the stadium is included in each baseball location.  The Eagles logo is incorporated into the goal post markers.

If you want to check it out the next time you are in the Sports Complex, look for the U 3 parking lot light standard.  Everything is near that.

Unfortunately, no one saw my dramatic home run.  The parking lot, you see, was empty.


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