Mr. Consistency

Jimmy Rollins came right back after his 38-game hitting streak was halted Thursday by getting three hits Friday night against the Dodgers.  “J-Roll” started a 36-game streak on August 23, 2005 and extended it during the first two games of this season.  So, going into Sunday’s doubleheader, he’s hit in 39 of his last 40 games.

Chuck Curiosity set in.  Time to research Chuck Klein’s 1930 season with the Phillies.  He’s in the Phillies record book for having two 26-game hitting streaks that year.  Our library contains box score books that date back as far as 1910.  Many box scores are brown in color, very brittle and a bit difficult to read thanks to Father Time.

Dusting off the 1930 box scores that were recorded in “The Wanamaker Diary,” I began delicately turning the pages and reading box scores.  As a side note, there’s an ad on page 30 for “The Wanamaker Fifty,” a custom-detailed, men’s wool suit priced at $50.00 and on sale at John Wanamaker.

Klein, a Hall of Fame outfielder, had an incredible run that season.  He was hitless in the first game of a doubleheader on May 18, ran off 26 straight games, hitless on June 20, chalked up 5 more, hitless in the first game on June 26, ran off a 14-game streak, hitless on July 11 and then topped it with his second 26-gamer through the first game of an August 3 doubleheader.

Using all my fingers and toes, that adds up to hitting safely in 71 of 74 games.  Chuck indeed was Mr. Consistency that season.

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